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Mewelde Moore, Steelers Running Back, 2008-2011

MAY 2, 2013

Mewelde Moore:

First, can you let readers know about the Mewelde Moore Knowledge First Foundation - what it is and how you got started in this?

The Mewelde Moore Knowledge First Foundation promotes reading literacy, financial literacy, and sports education development.

I began thinking of knowledge first about 9 years ago. when i was a rookie with the Minnesota vikings

How can others help the foundation and its work?

By giving time, donations, and any resources the foundation can benefit from. Check out the website for upcoming events.

You majored in Finance and Accounting from Tulane University and were noted for winning mathematics contests at Tulane. What made you such a great math student?

I love math. I find that numbers provide the most accurate answer to any math question. So, I enjoy finding the truth in the that all the time.

How has your football experience and education at Tulane helped you establish and grow the foundation?

I believe Tulane provided the winning edge for me on and off the field. Through the classroom and social networks that I think has helped throughout the foundations exists and my playing career.  The information used from the business school and the hard work we put in on the football field has helped me become a better pro and person.

What do you think drives that need for your desire to help others?

Helping others, is in my blood. The best way I can explain my desire to serve. First, my faith in Jesus christ, such a great role model and explain to follow after.

Second, my desire to serve others. Finally, when you do heart felt things for others it brings a great deal of Joy to all parties involved.

What’s next for you as you wind down your NFL career and how difficult has it been for you to take that next step?

Well, I think that’s a road I will cross when I get there. The biggest thing is to have a plan of action and being that I’m coming down the back stretch of my career. I’ve started to develop business plans for the growth of the foundation and personal career decisions. Making, my transition into the corporate world a smooth one.

You were with the Vikings for four season before joining the Steelers. What made you decide to sign with Pittsburgh as a free agent in 2008?

It’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. I played against them, I saw the replays of them winning Super Bowls with terry Bradshaw and company, I saw how well the fans traveled, and I  felt like winning super bowls was something I wanted to do. At the time, it made perfect sense to me. super bowl XLIII proved me right. lol

What did you expect your role to be on the Steelers when you signed and did your time their meet those expectations?


Yes, All in good fun. My time met and exceeded those expectations of me. I signed to be a return man and a third down back. As the season progressed. I became the started and a major contributor to the team helping us win games and ultimately the big prize. the Lombardi.

Who were some of the most influential players and coaches over your career and how did they help you — both on and off the field?

This a long list. All my coaches have helped in the development of the player I am today. All were good man first and foremost that’s the most important part. There’s no promises to make it to the NFL and being a good man will proceed me long after my playing days are over.

On the field, the best quote ever giving to me was my first year playing by Coach Chilly Johnson – “it’s not the size of the dog in the dog fight, but the size of the fight in the dog in the dog fight”.

You were an accomplished special teams player as well.

Yeah, I always have my eyes set on starting, but sometimes you have to do a little dirty work in order to shine.

Who were some of the biggest characters on those Steelers teams and what made them so? Any examples of the hijinks on those teams?

The biggest characters on the team? There were a lot of big personalities on those teams. But, believe it or not. Troy P. was one of the biggest pranksters on the team. All in good fun. He is so advance in his knowledge of the game. He has fun to keep himself entertain. Troy keeps you on your toes and he’s a great leader. But, if he hands you a water bottle make sure the lid is screwed on tight first.

What are some of your favorite memories of those Steelers teams you played for?

There are tons of great memories. The coming together through training camp, winning the close raven steeler games, the locker room day to day antics, the close bonds and ties made, and most of all winning one and playing in two super bowls.

Any last thoughts for readers?

I would first like to thank,  Jesus my lord and savior without him none of this would be possible, To the fans you are awesome, and to my family and friends who have been on this journey with me since day one. I love you all for your unwavering support.

Please go to my website keep up with our upcoming events and my a special donations form time to time. There are a bunch of needy kids who greatly appreciate your support. thanks